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PTA Campus Representatives

Getting involved with your Campus Representatives is a great way to have a direct impact on your child’s day-to-day school environment and experiences. Campus Representatives put decision-making more directly into the hands of parents whose children attend each campus.

Together — Campus Representatives, parents and teachers:

  • Decide how to allocate significant amount of PTA funds at each campus through the campus-based discretionary grants program;
  • Discuss with administration and advise on challenges and opportunities at their campus; and
  • Help with campus projects to enrich and improve learning and school culture.

To participate with your Campus Representatives, join the PTA and mark your calendar for PTA meetings!

You may also contact your Campus Representatives with any ideas, concerns or questions. 

Peabody Parent Representatives
Diana Embrey – PeabodyParentRep1@chcspta.org
Carmen McLean – PeabodyParentRep2@chcspta.org
Catherine Davis – PeabodyParentRep3@chcspta.org
Christian Calleri – PeabodyParentRep4@chcspta.org

Peabody Teacher Representatives
Rachel Houghton – rachel.houghton@dc.gov
Lauren Tate – lauren.tate@dc.gov

Watkins Parent Representatives
Samah Norquist – WatkinsParentRep1@chcspta.org
Lona Valmoro – WatkinsParentRep2@chcspta.org
Jennifer Schaefer-Soderman – WatkinsParentRep3@chcspta.org
Rachel Harriott – WatkinsRoomParents@chcspta.org

Watkins Teacher Representatives
Elizabeth O’Donnell – elizabeth.odonnell@dc.gov
Jill Stewart – jill.stewart@dc.gov

Stuart-Hobson Campus Representatives
Brynn Epstein – SHParentRep1@chcspta.org
Josh Silverman – SHParentRep2@chcspta.org

Stuart-Hobson Teacher Representatives
Silvia Brewer – silvia.brewer@dc.gov
Mercedes Salzar – mercedes.salazar@dc.gov
Kip Plaisted – kip.plaisted@dc.gov