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PTA Board Members

2016-17 PTA Executive Board Members, Campus Representatives, and Fundraising Chairs


Position Name email
President Lisa Miller president@chcspta.org
Vice President Thu Pham Vicepresident@chcspta.org
Vice President Amy Bryan vicepresident2@chcspta.org
Treasurer Co-Chair Shannon Welch treasurer@chcspta.org
Treasurer Co-Chair Lindsay Miller cotreasurer@chcspta.org
Secretary Megan Telfair secretary@chcspta.org
Communications Co-Chair Carrie Levine news@chcspta.org
Communications Co-Chair Brook Mumford news@chcspta.org
Communications Co-Chair Katharine Kaplan News@chcspta.org
Communications Co-Chair Jessica Pannett News@chcspta.org
Fundraising Chair Nicole Runge D’Ercole fundraising@chcspta.org
Fundraising Co-Chair Theadora Browning fundraising2@chcspta.org
Membership Chair Beth Hayden membership@chcspta.org
Membership Co-Chair Kathleen Grealish membership2@chcspta.org
Family Event Co-Chair Tracee Sanders familyeventchair@chcspta.org
Family Event Co-Chair Tonita Ross Dozier familyeventchair2@chcspta.org
Family Event Co-Chair Julie Donovan familyeventchair3@chcspta.org
Peabody PTA Parent Rep Carmen McLean PeabodyParentRep2@chcspta.org
Peabody PTA Parent Rep Catherine Davis PeabodyParentRep3@chcspta.org
Peabody PTA Parent Rep Christian Calleri PeabodyParentRep4@chcspta.org
Peabody PTA Parent Rep Diana Embrey PeabodyParentRep1@chcspta.org
Peabody Teacher Rep Rachel Houghton rachel.houghton@dc.gov
Peabody Teacher Rep Lauren Tate lauren.tate@dc.gov
Watkins PTA Parent Rep Samah Norquist WatkinsParentRep1@chcspta.org
Watkins PTA Parent Rep Lona Valmoro WatkinsparentRep2@chcspta.org
Watkins PTA Parent Rep Jennifer Schafer Soderman WatkinsparentRep3@chcspta.org
Watkins PTA Parent Rep Rachel Harriott WatkinsParentRep4@chcspta.org
Watkins Teacher Rep Elizabeth O’Donnell elizabeth.odonnell@dc.gov
Watkins Teacher Rep Jill Stewart jill.stewart@dc.gov
SH PTA Parent Rep Brynn Epstein SHParentRep1@chcspta.org
SH PTA Parent Rep Josh Silverman SHParentRep2@chcspta.org
SH Teacher Rep Silvia Brewer silvia.brewer@dc.gov
SH Teacher Rep Mercedes Salzar mercedes.salazar@dc.gov
SH Teacher Rep Kip Plaisted kip.plaisted@dc.gov
Bus Coordinator Vince Mareino PeabodyWatkinsShuttle@chcspta.org
Bus Coordinator Kelly Guhr PeabodyWatkinsShuttle2@chcspta.org
House Tour Chair Molly Spector RenovatorsHouseTour@chcspta.org
Auction Co-Chair Meg Booth ClusterAuctionChair@chcspta.org
Auction Co-Chair Alexis McDougall ClusterAuctionChair2@chcspta.org
Classic Chair Jason Levine info@capitolhillclassic.com