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Teachers, Admin, Staff | Stuart-Hobson Middle School


Academic Leadership Team
Ms. Dawn Clemens, Principal, Principal’s Office, dawn.clemens@dc.gov | Bio
Ms. Katherine Turner, Assistant Principal, Room 318, katherine.turner@dc.gov | Bio
Ms. Camille Robinson, Mary Jane Patterson Resident Principal, Main Office, camille.robinson4@dc.gov
Ms. Jennifer Abdelmalek, Exceptional Learning Coordinator, Room 113, jennifer.abdelmalek@dc.gov
Mr. Victor King, Dean of Students, Room 221, victor.king@dc.gov
Ms. Coretta Martin, Math Instructional Coach, Room 316, coretta.martin@dc.gov
Ms. Marian Horton, Literacy Instructional Coach, Room 316, marian.horton@dc.gov
Ms. Elizabeth Dewhurst, Reading Intervention Chair, Room 301, elizabeth.dewhurst@dc.gov
Ms. Brigitte O’Donoghue, Science Department Chair, Room 222, brigitte.odonoghue@dc.gov
Ms. Mercy Salazar, Social Studies Department Chair, Room 308, mercedes.salazar@dc.gov
Ms. Stephanie Pinch, Math Department Chair, Room 211, stephanie.pinch@dc.gov
Mr. Kip Plaisted, English/Language Arts Department Chair, Room 219, kip.plaisted@dc.gov

Administrative Support Staff
Ms. Syrena Bonds, Registrar, Main Office, syrena.bonds@dc.gov
Ms. Clara Hargrove, Clerk, Main Office, clara.hargrove@dc.gov
Ms. Christina Helm, Technology Coordinator, Room 203, christina.helm@dc.gov
Ms. Daniella Valdez, Educational Aide, Room 119, daniellea.valdez@dc.gov
Mr. Sir Otiato Jamison, Behavior Tech, Room 119, sir.jamison@dc.gov

Classroom Teachers
English/Language Arts and Reading Department
Ms. Melissa Mortimer, English/Language Arts, 6th grade, Room 114, melissa.mortimer@dc.gov
Ms. Alva Abdussalaam, Read 180, 6th grade, Room 215, alva.abdussalaam@dc.gov
Mr. Kip Plaisted, English/Language Arts, 7th grade, Room 219, kip.plaisted@dc.gov
Mr. Michael Dobbs, Read 180, 7th grade, Room 216, Michael.Dobbs@dc.gov
Ms. Vernastene Black, English/Language Arts, 8th grade, Room 306, vernastene.black@dc.gov
Ms. Beth Dewhurst, Read 180, 8th grade, Room 301, elizabeth.dewhurst@dc.gov

Mr. Brendan Smullen, Math, 6th grade, Room 115, brendan.smullen@dc.gov
Ms. Stephanie Pinch, Math/Pre-Algebra, 7th grade, Room 211, stephanie.pinch@dc.gov
Ms. Erica Parker, Math/Algebra, 8th grade, Room 307, erica.parker@dc.gov
Mr. Brett Surprenant, Geometry, Room 205, brett.surprenant@dc.gov

Ms. Susan Dunn, Earth Science, 6th grade, Room 122, susan.mitchell@dc.gov
Ms. Brigitte O’Donoghue, Life Science, 7th grade, Room 222, brigitte.odonoghue@dc.gov
Mr. Doug Creef, Physical Science, 8th grade, Room 303, emmett.creefjr@dc.gov

Social Studies
Mr. John Thrift, Geography, 6th grade, Room 111,  john.thrift2@dc.gov
Ms. Katherine Fiske, World History, 7th grade, Room 218, katherine.fiske@dc.gov
Ms. Mercy Salazar, US History, 8th grade, Room 308, mercedes.salazar@dc.gov

Mr. James Edwards, Band, Room 201, james.edwards3@dc.gov
Ms. Tori Pergerson, Music, Room 101, latoria.mckoy@dc.gov
Ms. Claire Smullen, Art, Room G02, claire.smullen@dc.gov
Ms. Silvia Brewer, Spanish, 6th and 7th grade, Room 109, silvia.brewer@dc.gov
Ms. Lalita DeSouza, Spanish, 8th grade, Room 313, lalita.desouza@dc.gov
Mr. Brett Surprenant, Project Lead the Way, Room 205, brett.surprenant@dc.gov
Ms. Danielle Kensey, Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), Room G03, danyelle.kensey@dc.gov
Mr. Leonard Booker, Physical Education, Room G04, leonard.booker@dc.gov
Ms. Michelle Rumph, Physical Education, Room G01, michelle.rumph@dc.gov
Ms. Melanie Soopper, Librarian, Library, melanie.soopper@dc.gov

Learning Specialist Co-Teachers
Ms. Tamara Lovelock, Math and English/Language Arts, 6th Grade, Room 207, tamara.lovelock@dc.gov
Ms. Lauren Conley, English/Language Arts, 7th grade, Room 220, lauren.conley2@dc.gov
Mr. Scott Campbell, Math, 7th grade, Room 207, scott.campbell@dc.gov
Ms. Kaylyn Wernitznig, Math, 8th grade, Room 209, kaylyn.wernitznig@dc.gov
Ms. Tiffany Kaijage, English/Language Arts, 8th grade, Room 304, tiffany.kaijage@dc.gov
Ms. Shevonne Streety, Exceptional Learners (SC), Room 112, shevonne.streety@dc.gov
Ms. Takesha Cameron, Educational Aide (SC), Room 112, tasheka.cameron@dc.gov

Response to Intervention Team
Ms. Tomicula Williams-Leary, Guidance Counselor, Main Office, tomicula.williams@dc.gov
Ms. Gerice Williams, Attendance Counselor, Main Office, gerice.williams@dc.gov
Ms. Janice Myles, Nurse, Room 104, jmyles@childrensnational.org
Ms. Channita Fraser, English Language Learners (ELL) Educator, Main Office, channita.fraser@dc.gov
Dr. Deidre Sorrell, Psychologist, Main Office, deidra.sorrell@dc.gov
Ms. Kimberly Harrington, Social Worker DBH, Room 204, kimberly.harrington@dc.gov
Ms. Molly Smith, Social Worker, Room 314, molly.smith@dc.gov
TBD, Wrap-Care Coordinator
Mr. Dakari Taylor-Watson, Community in Schools Coordinator, Room 118, dtaylorwatson@cisnationscapital.org

Custodial Staff, Custodial Office, Ground Floor
Mr. Demetrius Reed, Custodian Foreman, demetrius.reed@dc.gov
Mr. Randolph Peoples, Custodian, randolph.peoples@dc.gov
Mr. David Koon, Custodian, david.koon@dc.gov

Security Officers
Ms. Davita Lawrence, Team Lead, Security Officer
Ms. Mariah Shanklin, Security Officer
Ms. Brittany Hobbs, Security Officer
Mr. Guy Allen, Security Officer

Aftercare Partner Organization
Ms. Tanna Abraham, Afterschool Coordinator (ASAS) Coordinator, Room 117, tanna.abraham@afterschoolallstars.org