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Announcements Before the Big Announcement

Hello Panther Families!

Before we get into the details and business of this late-July, I want to give the Operations Team from Peabody a huge shout out.  Ms. Turner, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Hill and Mr. Preston have been working tirelessly to ensure the school ready, including Friday’s Popsicle event, and student item collection all without air conditioning!  The school is spotless and we have been 100% enrolled for weeks.  Way to go team!

We all seem to be on the edge of our seats with the Mayor’s July 31st announcement regarding the learning experiences for students this year.  I want to reaffirm my commitment to communicating early and often as I know how information will help entire families plan for what life will be like as schools open.  Ahead of that announcement, there is still plenty of information to share at this time.

My Entry Plan.  Attached is my 90-Day Entry Plan.  After a few rounds of feedback, I’m proud to share this plan with our community.  It is intended to communicate my approach to hitting the ground learning as your new principal.  In addition to this release, I will also send end-of-month updates (July's is coming soon!) to report on my progress toward the goals of the plan.  Please take a few minutes to read the plan.

Berkowitz P&W Entry Plan
Download PDF • 217KB

Technology Survey.  Please complete this technology survey for all DCPS families by Friday, July 31.  We encourage you to think about need as a) reliable internet access and b) a device for every learner in the home throughout the full school day.  For example, if your two children share one device, you would have a need for another one.  Your responses will help Peabody and Watkins source technology to meet all of our students’ needs.

Free and Reduced Lunch Forms.  Every new school year the Office of Food and Nutrition disseminates to parents the Application for Free and Reduced Meals.  They ask that our school gets an Application from every family even if they do not wish to participate.  You will find the Application at the following website:

At some point, the Application will ask for your child’s ID number.  Don’t worry, the person that handles the Applications confirmed that parents can submit their form without the number. Please help to make our schools the first to have 100% participation.

Family Engagement Opportunities.  Shortly after Friday’s announcement, we will begin to engage with our families about how school will open.  We will hold at least two Town Hall events.  One on August 6 and another August 19, both at 8pm on Zoom.  The purpose of the August 6th event will be for our team to present the timeline we expect for key dates and listen to your questions and concerns.  Many details about opening school will not be available on August 6.  However, by August 20, we expect to have many of the important components of school worked out (teacher assignments, schedules, virtual learning access) and will take questions about our progress to date on the virtual Town Hall.

August 6, 8pm Listening Session on Zoom access information:

Link to meeting.  Meeting ID: 979 8821 9654  Passcode: x3U4NU

DCPS Resources for Families:  We are working make direct links to these resources through our webpage.  ParentU, DCSP’s online learning resource for parents can also be valuable for parents looking to support their children in different ways.

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