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Celebrate Our School Community

It feels like we are really turning the corner toward the conclusion of this school year as we celebrate our teachers this week and look ahead to end of year events. This school year will end like none other and we have events planned for fun and reflection on a truly unique year. As we look toward the end of the year we are also ensuring that the quality of learning remains high while we both plan for closure and reflect.

One point of reflection for me is how much wider the roles of all educators and parents became this year. As if those two jobs were not hard enough, this year piled on even more demands as most learning took place outside the school building in a totally different medium than we’ve known. Teachers and parents learned an entirely new way to support student learning. And students learned how to learn differently too! In one virtual classroom I visited recently, a kindergarten student had her own free-standing white board and array of markers that she used fluently with her paper and pencil. The teacher had a make-shift document camera so that students could see her manipulatives that support learning. These are just two examples of the persistence and dedication to excellence that teachers, students, and families have shown this year.

As teacher appreciation week concludes, it’s important to acknowledge how hard this year has been and how much our teachers, including our parents and caregivers, have worked to support our students. I am truly grateful and thank you all.



  • Enrollment is Underway

  • 5th Grade Promotion – June 18

  • Kinder Promotion – June 22

  • Books and Belonging Celebrates our Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

  • Peabody Reading Events in May

Enrollment is Underway!

We want you back! Parents and caregivers should head to to re-enroll in Peabody and Watkins. Please do so today!

5th Grade Promotion – June 18

The students and families have spoken (through our survey) and they want an in-person promotion! Our 5th grade survey revealed strong demand for an in-person and virtual event. 9am for in-person and 1pm for virtual on June 18. Thanks to the 5th grade team for organizing an important celebration for an important event!

Note: all in-person events will follow health and safety protocols, including gathering sizes limits. Students may only bring two other loved ones to this in-person event. The virtual event can be attended by all friends and family and students can attend both events.

Kinder Promotion – June 22

Kinder’s promotions will be held within the homeroom settings, but virtual and in person. Family members will be able to access all ceremonies virtually. Thanks kinder team for organizing the events! More information will be sent to families through our homeroom teaches.

Books and Belonging Celebrates our Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

Join us for BBB at 11:30am on Wednesday May 12 to hear “The Name Jar” read by Principal Berkowitz. It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month so please join us this week at BBB at 11:30 on Wednesday for a WONDERFUL book, “The Name Jar” by Yangsook Choi about a new student in school who recently moved from Korea and who struggles with whether to adopt a new name or help her classmates learn how to pronounce her name. How much of a role does each of ours name play in our identity?

Peabody Reading Events in May

Get ready Peabody students for Fun READING events during the month of MAY! MAY READING CHALLENGE! We love teachers, and we know you do too! Let’s celebrate our awesome teachers this May! Make your teachers proud and show them your appreciation by logging your reading and completing activities all month long! How many books can you read in one month? Visit the Peabody Library Canvas home page and click on the purple "May Reading Challenge" button to get all of the details on using Beanstack to log your reading and learn about the activities! PJ’S & BEDTIME STORIES WITH MS. BLOOM in May! Ms. Bloom is excited to read bedtime stories on two Wednesday nights, May 5 and May 19, from 7:30 to 8pm. Brush your teeth, put on your PJ’s, grab your stuffies and snuggle up for some fun bedtime story time! To join the live bedtime read aloud session, visit the Peabody Library Canvas home page and click on the black button for "PJ's & Bedtime Stories".



Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

For the latest updates, please visit here and Peabody ES Project Resources and Meeting Materials.

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