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First 30 days: my take-aways

My first 30 days as your principal have been fantastic!  I feel an amazing sense of welcome and optimism from our staff and families.  The two in-person Meet the Principal events, the two widely attended virtual events, and each and every engagement I’ve had with staff show me that the Peabody and Watkins community will show up for me and for our students.  I feel very lucky!

You may remember that the purpose of my 90-day entry plan is to learn about our schools in an organized manner and communicate about my learning in service of a shared vision for Peabody and Watkins.  In my conversations with community members and staff to date, I’ve learned that community and inclusion are priorities and that effective communication supports both.  I’m working hard to interpret the information that is shared with me and either refine or create practices that support the deepening and widening of our sense of community.  As we are now less than 20 days before we open school, it’s clear we have a lot to do and we need to be mindful that we do it in a supportive, inclusive manner. 

The scheduling process represents my commitment to the two values in my Entry Plan: collaboration and equity.  I’m proud to have developed a process for our distance learning schedule that includes grade level leaders, inner core teachers, special educators, and our instructional coaches so that all perspectives are honored in the virtual scheduling process.  We also established a focus group with parents from LSAT, PTA, and the Race, Class, and Equity team, and even more parents that do not formally represent those organizations. 

Through collaboration, we’ve drafted an equity-forward schedule that represents the needs of our students first and foremost.  Staff and families can expect this type of inclusive decision-making moving forward as I am sure that it’s the best way to support the learning and growth of all our students.  We will share this schedule after all feedback is received by the end of the week.

Below is a recap of the leadership actions of the first 30 days of my 90-day plan and my progress on those actions.

Entry Plan 30 Day Update table only
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