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Hello Spring Break!!!

Something special happened this week. We held our first-grade level play dates for students, caregivers, and staff. Combined with yesterday’s announcement from the Chancellor about a full reopening next year, the vision of the joy and purpose of in person school for all is becoming even more clear.

There were two instances that I observed at each of the play dates; and in some cases, these instances occurred more than once. The most striking for me was when one student arrived at the Watkins playground. I was near the entrance and could see a group of friends frenetically moving through the space filled with energy and excitement. I think all of them were talking at the same time. Then someone shouted the new arrival’s name and each student in the bunch burst to entrance and overwhelmed the new arrival with love, masked smiles, and friendship. It was happiness at a whole new level.

This second instance, I will take some credit for. I was talking with a few parents who were interested in the in-person experience. I shared my piece, but then introduced them to some parents of students currently learning in person. The parents met for the first time, began talking and I moved on to some other folks. As I was leaving, I could see three clusters of parents formed, each with dads and moms that I had introduced. New relationships were forming in ways that just have not this year around what we all have in common – our shared experience at Peabody and Watkins.

What I described above were regular occurrences before the pandemic. Now, they are rare exchanges between the people in our lives. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed seeing a swarm of students excited to welcome the newcomer into the crew. I forgot how valuable the chance encounter with someone that you don’t know but share so much with actually is at a personal and community level. With the chancellor’s announcement, I’m hopeful that these occurrences will very soon be part of our school experience.

I also recognize that most people did not attend these play dates or haven’t attended one yet. I want to illustrate a real-life example of how the way things can be now and how they will be soon for all of us in case you, like I did, have forgotten how important they are. And… more play dates for all students are on the way.



  • Enrollment has Begun

  • Travel Guidance

  • Term 4 Updates

  • Student Device Survey

  • PTA Live Field Trips Continue

  • Cluster Auction

Enrollment has Begun!

Our team is ready to enroll students in SY21-22. Parents should head to to enroll electronically. We are also participating in a feeder-wide in-person enrollment event at Eastern High School for families that choose to enroll in person on April 24, 9am-12pm.

Travel Guidance

All students should also follow the DC Health and DCPS Guidance. If any staff comes upon knowledge of student travel, please call for a PCT and the Nurse to escort the student to the Watkins Waiting Room. School leaders will take it from there and likely send students home. Parents will get this message multiple times before April 19.

Term 4 Updates

As of 2 pm today, calls are still being made and here are the remaining seats to be offered:

PK3 – 9

PK4 – 1

K - 7

1 - 1

3 - 7

5 - 1

Start dates will be Thursday April 22 for any acceptances that come in after Friday, April 9.

Student Device Survey

We hope you are doing well and are looking forward to a well-deserved Spring break. We are writing to inform you that DCPS is releasing a device audit survey to students and families today at approximately 12pm. As previously communicated, the purpose of this audit is to ensure the accuracy of student device inventories and the condition of devices in the possession of students at home. The survey will be communicated to families through central office and will be made available through Canvas using a banner notification on the top.

We ask for your help in submitting this mandatory survey, even if you have not been assigned a DCPS device. The survey is expected to take no longer than 3-5 minutes to complete. It is critical for students to report back about their devices as Technology Controllers and central office asset admins do not get to physically check the devices regularly as we continue in a virtual posture.

PTA Live Field Trips Continue

Our Thursday Live "Field Trips" are returning after spring break for our virtual learners, sponsored by the PTA!

For three weeks, our virtual learners will be studying "Zany Zoology" from 11:30am-12pm on April 22nd, April 29th and May 6th hosted by Kendall from the Stamford Science Center!

Do you love learning about animals? If so, join us as we explore the animal kingdom from boneless beasts to furry friends and everything in between with live animal demonstrations every week! We’ll discover how scientists group animals, how animals use different tools to survive, how to tell who eats what, and much more!! All this and more as we become ZANY ZOOLOGISTS!

Cluster Auction & Party-April 23rd

The Auction & Party is less than a month away on April 23rd (SAVE THE DATE!). We are looking for parents to harness their creative talent and auction off an experience or service. The PTA also wants to support Cluster family-owned, Black-owned and locally-owned businesses while supporting our schools. If you are able, please purchase gift cards, items or services from one of the businesses on this list and donate them to the Auction!

Visit the Cluster Auction page for more information.



Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

For the latest updates, please visit here.

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