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Hooray for Our Teachers

Next week is Teacher’s Appreciation Week. Never before have we learned to appreciate teachers in different ways. We always appreciate teachers for the rigorous lesson planning, family engagement, and creating warm and loving environments they create for students. This year, they’ve done all that from behind a computer. This year, our teachers have endured so much change, so much uncertainty, and so much newness. It can’t be understated how our teachers’ commitment to students was tested by known and unknown challenges this year.

I am grateful for our teachers’ for these reasons and more and can’t wait to celebrate and appreciate staff in person at Wednesday’s BBQ.



  • Enrollment has Begun

  • Term 4 Updates

  • IPL Seat Acceptance Data

  • Peabody Reading Events in May

Enrollment has Begun!

Our team is ready to enroll students in SY21-22. Parents should head to to enroll electronically.

Term 4 Updates – IPL offers – update 4/30

We stopped making offers for all in-person seats today, April 30. Here is a summary of each grade level.

PK3 – all families were offered a seat for Term 4.

PK4 –Slattery’s and Friedman’s classes are full. Everyone’s in Houghton’s class offered a seat.

Kinder – we stopped at classes of 16 for each homeroom. We had a commitment from a substitute to serve as the 4th member of the teaching team, which is why we started making offers beyond the class size of 10. Recently, that person shared they are unable to make the commitment. As for now, Ms. Hinrichs, Ms. Blagburn, and Ms. Hsu will continue with the students currently attending.

1st – Fully enrolled with 19 students in each homeroom.

3rd grade –are three seats unfilled and final offers have been extended and we’re waiting the required 5 days for parents to respond.

5th grade – Fully enrolled with 19 students.

IPL Seat Acceptance Data

Acceptance Rate is important and the overall number of families that did NOT accept also matters. If you would like to partner with me to help understand and bring all students back comfortably, please email

Declines for term 3: 229

Declines for term 4: 118

Term 4 Acceptance Rates

Grade      All         Prioritized Students           Total Students 
        Students        (Not including                 Attending IPL
                        sibling preferences)          
PK3        44%                71%                          32  
PK4        73%                91%                          44
K          38%                50%                          32
1          52%                57%                          38
3          48%                51%                          53
5          50%                60%                          19
Overall    46%                70%                          216

Peabody Reading Events in May

Get ready Peabody students for Fun READING events during the month of MAY! MAY READING CHALLENGE! We love teachers, and we know you do too! Let’s celebrate our awesome teachers this May! Make your teachers proud and show them your appreciation by logging your reading and completing activities all month long! How many books can you read in one month? Visit the Peabody Library Canvas home page and click on the purple "May Reading Challenge" button to get all of the details on using Beanstack to log your reading and learn about the activities! PJ’S & BEDTIME STORIES WITH MS. BLOOM in May! Ms. Bloom is excited to read bedtime stories on two Wednesday nights, May 5 and May 19, from 7:30 to 8pm. Brush your teeth, put on your PJ’s, grab your stuffies and snuggle up for some fun bedtime story time! To join the live bedtime read aloud session, visit the Peabody Library Canvas home page and click on the black button for "PJ's & Bedtime Stories".



PTA Live Field Trips Continue

Our Thursday Live "Field Trips" are returning after spring break for our virtual learners, sponsored by the PTA!

For three weeks, our virtual learners will be studying "Zany Zoology" from 11:30am-12pm on April 22nd, April 29th and May 6th hosted by Kendall from the Stamford Science Center!

Do you love learning about animals? If so, join us as we explore the animal kingdom from boneless beasts to furry friends and everything in between with live animal demonstrations every week! We’ll discover how scientists group animals, how animals use different tools to survive, how to tell who eats what, and much more!! All this and more as we become ZANY ZOOLOGISTS!

Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

For the latest updates, please visit here and Peabody ES Project Resources and Meeting Materials.

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