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My first Principal's Message

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Hello Panther Community! This is my first of many Principal’s Messages and I am so glad to connect with you.  There is so much happening within and beyond the walls of Peabody and Watkins and I intend to use this forum to inform the community of the latest.  I plan to share information, events, and updates as we prepare to ReOpen Strong.

I want to share the amazing experience I had today at my first community gathering!  It was a fantastic turn out and I was thrilled, most of all, to talk to our eager students.  Some didn’t want to admit it, but I know they miss our schools and want to return as much as our staff and I do.  I heard about some great books our students are reading and discussed the new Captain Underpants episode now out on Netflix.  I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s virtual event (for event ID and password, email to talk with more cluster families.  

Today, I made some brief remarks about my entry plan, which will be released to the community soon, my vision for the schools, and how we will work together to plan and communicate about the reopening of schools.  If you didn’t make it today, I hope to see you next week and again later in August. Communication has surfaced as a significant opportunity for us to keep our families informed and connected to school.  I have some updates and promises to share around my communication plans.

  • Blackboard Connect.  If you are the recipient of this message, it’s because you’re connected to that system.  Please help us amplify our message by forwarding this note to your cluster-mates so they receive it as well.  If you didn't receive this message please contact our registrars: (Peabody) (Watkins)

  • Social Media.  @PeadbodyWatkins is our new Twitter and Instagram handle.  Yes, I said Instagram!  The visuals and videos enable our community members to see our joyful students and creative staff, which is an important for us to share. Please follow us, retweet, and tag us often!

  • Schools’ Website.  The Cluster’s website is currently operated by our PTA.  I’m working with them to share the responsibilities of updating the information on that website, including embedding the Principal’s Messages and social media posts so that the website is one-stop shopping for Peabody and Watkins information.  As we prepare for distance learning, my intention is to provide easy access to teachers’ content so parents and students know how to find everything needed to learn from home.  This will be a significant and worthwhile effort for our team in service of providing needed and easy-to-access information to stay connected to our schools.Got ideas?  I’d love to hear them.  Please send an email or better yet, find me and our entire leadership team on social media.

It was a thrill to hold my first big event with so many Panthers.  I can’t wait for more conversations and collaboration with you.  I hope you all are staying safe and reading a ton! In service,

MScott Berkowitz, Principal

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