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Recipe for Success

This week we took a lot at some data that we had to celebrate (Panorama results students feel “loved” more than ever at Watkins, and other) and some data that should galvanize us around the short term work of welcoming all of our students back and simultaneously addressing the historical discrepancies around student academic outcomes along race and ability. We discussed how next year we will have a focus on co-teaching to address learners with disabilities, a full implementation of the Trauma Responsive Schools Model, and ensuring all staff have the opportunity to lead.

These are strategic and tactical moves that, more than anything else, rely on trusting relationships between and among our staff, students, and caregivers. Our commitment to authentic, trusting relationships will be the difference maker for our students next year. Our Kindred Equity Team, now composed of caregivers and staff members who have completed the dialogue sessions, will focus on enhancing these relationships across the community. As a staff, we came together this week to celebrate the ways that we’ve been resilient but also supported each other through the tough times of this school year. It was hard to move on from the 20+ minutes of praise and gratitude we expressed for each other. I believe we will be able to implement the strategic change because we have a foundation for trusting relationships on which to build. I’m proud to have learned from and shared in these relationships and can’t wait to lean on them to influence even greater outcomes for all students.



  • Enrollment is Underway

  • Step-Up Events

  • The Book Fair is Back!

  • Calling All Readers! (That’s everyone)

Enrollment is Underway!

We want you back! Parents and caregivers should head to to re-enroll in Peabody and Watkins. Please do so today!

Step-Up Events - June 9

We are wrapping up this year and we’re also planning to begin our SY21-22 with a “Step-Up Day” for all students looking forward to next year with our schools. The purpose of the event is to say goodbye to your current teachers in person and say hello to your new teacher teams for next year. Students and parents will have opportunities to meet the teams for their students next year. Important note: this will take place at the team level – individual student-teacher assignments are finalized in August. We understand that not all team members will be available, and we are thankful for the staff members that are able to participate.

The location will be on the Watkins playground and the schedule for this event is as follows:

9:00-9:30 - rising PK3 - newly enrolled only with PK3Teachers

9:45-10:15 - PK3 current and newly enrolled students with PK3 & PK4 Teachers

10:30-11:00 - PK4 current and newly enrolled students with PK4 & K Teachers

11:15-11:45 - K current and newly enrolled students with K & 1st Grade Teachers

12:00-12:30 - 1st current and newly enrolled students with 1st & 2nd Grade Teachers

12:45-1:15 - 2nd current and newly enrolled students with 2nd & 3rd Grad Teachers

1:45-2:15 - 3rd current and newly enrolled students with 3rd & 4th Grade Teachers

2:30-3:00 - 4th current and newly enrolled students with 4th & 5th Grade Teachers

The Book Fair is Back!

Our school librarians have planned an in-person and online book fair! Families can visit the fair on fair-weather days just outside the gym door entrance. The dates and times are below. More info, including how to make purchases online, in our flier. A portion of the proceeds of the event go to our librarians to support even more literacy-rich experiences.

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday, June 9 - 9:00am – 3:00pm

June 10, June 11, June 14, Tuesday, June 15 8:00-9:00 and 3:15-4:30

Calling All Readers! (That’s everyone)

Summer is here and the Library's Summer Challenge Program will start shortly! The program begins June 1st and many of the activities associated with the program will be virtual this year. Children, teens, or adults can register online as they read 20 minutes a day and receive a prize. Information is available online at I am attaching a flyer which can be distributed to caretakers. Some of my colleagues also produced a video which offers a great explanation of the program. The Library has made it available on YouTube but here is a direct link. Erin Farquhar Children's Librarian Southeast Neighborhood Library 403 7th ST SE Washington, DC 20003 202-698-3377.



  • End of Year Events for Students!

  • Rock the Red Parade – June 23

  • Comfort with a full Reopening Next Year

  • Internet For All Families

  • Before and Aftercare Next Year

  • Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

End of Year Events for Students!

  • June 9 Step-Up Days

  • June 16 5th Grade Promotion Practice and Hang Out

  • June 18 5th grade promotion. In person and virtual.

  • June 22 Kinder promotion. At school for IPL students, virtual for families.

  • June 23 Rock the Red Parade!

Rock the Red Parade – June 23 We want to continue to find ways to have fun with students and celebrate the end of a very tough school year.  We are planning a Rock the Red Parade for June 23.  All students, families, and staff to take a year-end victory lap around Lincoln (Watkins) and Stanton (Peabody) Parks while rocking our Red. More details to come – parents and caregivers, please save the date!

  • 9am at Stanton Park for Peabody students and families.

  • 11am at Watkins field, parading to Lincoln Park for Watkins students and families

Parents will be required to escort their students.

Comfort with a full Reopening Next Year

We are also hosting a community event designed to provide information and context to what school is like in person. Our target audience is the over 200 families that declined an in-person seat this year and any other parent who would like to feel more confident in our reopening for next year. We will have parents that are doctors, teachers, and students prepared to speak to our community members about their experiences in person in an attempt to prepare our families for a full reopening in August. Please save the date, June 15, 6pm.

Internet For All Families

DC's Internet for All program provides ONE YEAR of FREE home internet service to District families with school-aged children who need home internet service. Interested? Text INTERNET to 69866 for more information.

Before and Aftercare Next Year

The Chancellor recently announced that before and aftercare will be available for families next school year. The COVID-related details and restrictions have not been published yet, however we have reached out to our partners so make sure these programs are fully in place to support our full reopening.

Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team For the latest updates, please visit here and Peabody ES Project Resources and Meeting Materials.

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