• Principal Berkowitz

School Is (Almost) Open!

We have an incredible opportunity to welcome students back to school on Monday. To provide opportunities connection and learning that they’ve all missed. Thank you for all our teachers, instructional aide, mental health teammates, office staff, custodians, leaders for your efforts to prepare for reopening. I expect that will all be reminded of why we do what we do on Monday and that reminder will feel good.

To our virtual staff, the talk in front of you also contra with challenges. You are being asked to do more with the same time and resources. Thank you for maintaining your commitment to our kids and families.

To our families, thank you for staying with us through so much change. I expect things to settle out for us all in the coming days.

Snow day? Remember those?

Stay tuned to DCPS messages regarding inclement weather on Monday.

If schools are closed due to snow:

- Virtual learning continues as scheduled.

- IPL teachers will send asynchronous tasks to students and families. Live instruction is not expected.

Canvas Transition for Virtual Learners

Given our transition in rosters, there may be some difficulty in having a fully accessible canvas and teams page on Monday morning. We were told to expect the rosters and roll-overs will be smooth, but we also prepared a back up plan. You can expect an email from your teacher with the link to the Teams meeting so that every student can access learning. If there are issues on Monday morning, please email your teacher directly (only they can provide the link) and copy me and AP Hollis or AP Boisvert.

In-person Learning Updates

For grades PK3 and K-4 I expect to open as planned on Monday. PK4 will be virtual for the next two months as and 5th grade will start in an IPL/CARE hybrid model for the first two weeks due to teacher availability. I have messaged and discussed this with both teacher teams and families.

By the way, have you seen our virtual building tour on Instagram? @PeabodyWatkins

Instructional aides and teacher partnerships

As you know by now there was some settling out on Friday with regard to our staffing. The table below reflects the most up to date teacher-IA partnerships. Please note that Ms. Nelson and Ms. Judy will be on leave to begin the term. We also want to welcome Ms. Hsu and Ms. Wells to the Kindergarten team. Ms. Hsu is subbing and led our CARE class with Ms. Judy, so she is fully ready to implement our health and safety protocols. Ms. Wells has been a sub for Peabody in the past and we’re happy to have her virtual support. I realize some new IA-family connections were made this last week and that some new ones will be made soon. Thanks again for your flexibility.

As I’ve been messaging, it’s possible that other staff will qualify for leave and more changes may result. There is not additional information to share at this time.

IPL Kindergarten - Blagburn and Hsu

Paige - C. Williams

D'Antonio/Kuo – Ms. Wells (new sub for Nelson)

Houghton - Carraway

Slattery - Johnson

Friedman - Smith

Brooks - Mingo or Dickson

Pavlik - Z Williams

Egan - Young

Taylor - Tippett

Martin Luther King Jr I Have Dream Speech Event

Our 5th grade team is hard at work making the 2021 version of the Watkins cherished tradition meaningful for our students and community. With our partners at the National Parks Service, we have scheduled the event for February 5th at 9:30. The event will be virtual so all students can participate.

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