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So. Much. Pride.

Four more days! Just four more days and a year of learning during a pandemic will come to a close. We had yet another surprise with the announcement of the holiday today in a year full of surprises. Each of us, staff, students, and parents hopefully take some time to reflect on our resilience, our hard work, and the commitment we showed to student learning this year. We all need some space to think, slow down and recharge and I hope we all find that this summer. Given all that we faced, the successes and the missteps, I urge you to find the pride in yourself for what you have accomplished this year. Thank you all for such support of our students and I hope you have a last week of school full of (virtual) hugs, smiles, and a sense of accomplishment.



  • Enrollment is Underway

  • End of Year Events

  • Rock the Red Parade June 23

  • Comfort with Reopening Next Year - watch the recording

  • Juneteenth Pride Celebration

  • Virtual Learning Option for SY 21-22: Action Required by July 6th

Enrollment is Underway

We want you back! Parents and caregivers should head to to re-enroll in Peabody and Watkins. Please do so today!

End of Year Events for Students

- June 22nd 5th grade promotion. In person 9am and virtual 12pm. (not 1pm).

- June 22 Kinder promotion. At school for IPL students, virtual for families.

- June 23 Rock the Red Parade!

Rock the Red Parade – June 23

We want to continue to find ways to have fun with students and celebrate the end of a very tough school year. We are planning a Rock the Red Parade for June 23 at 9am at Watkins for all Peabody and Watkins students.

All students and families can gather at 9am on the Watkins Field and we will parade to and around Lincoln Park and back. Mr. Nagbe and Mr. Simmons are putting their musical and performing minds together to prepare our students for this celebration of resilience. Please join us rocking your cluster gear!

Parents will be required to escort their students.

Comfort with a full Reopening Next Year

The community panel was an amazing event! Thank you to our Dr/Parents, students, and teachers for participating. Anyone who didn’t make the live meeting on Tuesday can watch using this recording. Families that need a transcript can email Mr. Berkowitz for that version. Here are some timestamped highlights:

  • 13:40 Survey data is shared from over 120 families who declined in-person seats

  • 22:00 Drs. Unegbo and Albrecht share their expertise and experience professionally and as parents.

  • 44:45 Andrea Swiatocha explains all the DCPS HVAC enhancements, including those at Peabody (they’re being done this summer) and Watkins.

  • 54:00 Mr. O’Neil and his student David and Owen share their in-person learning experiences.

  • 1:06:03 Mr. Lamont and Ms. Griffin talk about in-person learning next year after a year for virtual learning for them.

Juneteenth Pride Celebration

From our partners at the DC State Board of Education: Juneteenth is the oldest national celebration commemorating the end of slavery and June is national Pride Month, which promotes the affirmation and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. This event seeks to highlight the importance of intersectionality, centering the unique experiences of our LGBTQ+ Black youth and to affirm them.

he DC State Board of Education has partnered with the Office of Teaching and Learning at DC Public Schools (DCPS), Friendship PCS, KIPP DC PCS, Office of the Ombudsman, Office of the Student Advocate, and the Ward 5 Education Equity Committee for a day of fun in the sun to celebrate Juneteenth and center our LGBTQ+ Black youth.

Below are details for the event:

· WHEN: Saturday, June 19 (10am - 12pm)

· WHERE: Turkey Thicket Recreation Center (1100 Michigan Ave, Washington, DC, 20017)


Virtual Learning Option for SY 21-22: Action Required by July 6th

DCPS recognizes that students with certain medical conditions may require continued virtual instruction for next school year. To this end, virtual learning will be available for only students with a documented medical need as determined by their physicians. To request virtual enrollment for the fall, families must complete OSSE’s medical consent form. Families are encouraged to utilize this QuickBase app to upload their signed medical consent form by July 6th. Additional information on SY21-22 virtual learning, including frequently asked questions, is available here. Additional questions should be directed to



  • Internet For All Families

  • Before and Aftercare Next Year

  • Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

Internet For All Families DC's Internet for All program provides ONE YEAR of FREE home internet service to District families with school-aged children who need home internet service. Interested? Text INTERNET to 69866 for more information. Before and Aftercare Next Year The Chancellor recently announced that before and aftercare will be available for families next school year. The COVID-related details and restrictions have not been published yet, however we have reached out to our partners so make sure these programs are fully in place to support our full reopening including the DPR program at Watkins.

Peabody Stabilization Updates from the SIT Team

For the latest updates, please visit here and Peabody ES Project Resources and Meeting Materials.

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