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So now we know!

Hello Panther families,

Peabody and Watkins will ReOpen Strong with a 100% virtual experience for at least the first term of instruction. The Chancellor sent families this email yesterday that provides district-wide information, including general daily schedules for all PK-12 students. If you haven’t read the email, I encourage you to do so to learn more about our online learning platform, Parent University, and take the technology needs survey.

For Peabody and Watkins, we are committed to keeping families informed and connected. To help families process and help us understand your perspectives, we will hold a virtual Listening Session on August 6 at 8pm. (Access information below.)   We will explain some of the progress we’ve made to date and more importantly give space for families to raise questions and for us to hear concerns.  You should not expect many answers or details since we will be in the middle of our planning process.  We will have class lists, distance learning schedules, supply lists and other typical summer mailing information in the mail and on our website (non-sensitive information only) on August 14 Our scheduling is foundational to student success and that process will start at DCPS School Leadership Institute, Monday-Thursday next week. We will also bring teachers into the process to make sure staff are set up for success. Finally, on August 20 we will host another virtual event (access details below) after families receive the ReOpen Strong information to help clarify and answer questions. At that point, you can expect answers from us.

A note about student groupings.  We are considering the needs of students and families as we schedule students.   We are also lucky to have a highly collaborative staff that worked together in the spring and will only increase our teamwork to ensure all students are receiving access to the highest quality instruction across grade levels and the schools.  I’m aware that families, like mine, are scrambling to figure out what school looks like for the fall.  Given all the complications we face to schedule over 600 students across two campuses, we will not be able to accommodate scheduling or class grouping requests.

Virtual Event Access Information

August 6th 8pm.  Listening Zoom Session: Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 979 8821 9654     Passcode: x3U4NU

August 20th 8pm.  ReOpen Strong Zoom Session: Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 772 6490 7664 Passcode: LKZ49K

So much will now happen so quickly.  Please stay tuned and allow us to work with our teams to do something that have never been done before.  We have thousands of details to sort through and we’re looking forward to hearing from families on August 6th so we actually have ALL the details we need to effectively open school.

In service,

Principal Berkowitz

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