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Spring Into Term 4

We are springing into this lovely warm weather and taking the opportunity for growth and renewal this season. At this moment, I know our community is eager to learn how we can grow our in-person learning offerings and continue to improve our virtual programming. There are updates for both virtual and in person for specific grade levels in the body of this post. At this time, we don’t yet know how many students we can add to our in-person classes, which of course would be welcome news as class sizes will come down virtually and go up in-person. Once the guidance is in place, our team is ready to begin offering seats.

We will also be reaching out for some grade-level play dates to enjoy the warm weather, spend some time in person with all students and provide an opportunity for socialization and relationship building. We’re also planning step-up days (virtual or outdoors) later in the spring to begin the transition to next year.

We will all Rock the Red next week, and continue the pre-spring break tradition of Spirt Week the following week. Details are below.

In sum, we’re making every effort to make Term 4 the best one yet with increased opportunities for learning and for fun!




  • Term 4 Updates

  • In-Person Class Sizes

  • Rock the Red 4/2 and Spirit Week

  • Books and Belonging with Berkowitz

  • LSAT moved to April 7

  • Kindred Updates!

Term 4 Updates – new info 3/26

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Update

The current models and staff assignments of our team serving K and 1 will continue to Term 4. Ms. Tate is also back! She will support both kindergartners and 1st grade students with small group virtual math instruction. She will also increase her current support to the IPL class with planning and some possible virtual instruction. Ms. Tate is working with both teams to solidify her instructional plan. Families will receive specific increased small group time schedules with Ms. Tate the week of April 5th. Time with Ms. Tate will not come at the cost to time with Ms. Talisman, Ms. Pullings, Ms. D’Antonio, or Ms. Lobban. It will only be in addition to that time.

3rd Grade Update

The current models and staff assignments of our team serving 3rd grade will also continue to Term 4. And, Mr. O’Neil is back! Mr. O’Neil will lead an in-person class of 3rd graders that will open April 19. Mr. O’Neil will teach all content areas. Student selection will begin next week. 3rd grade families receive this news today and there is a family meeting March 30 at 3:30 to discuss these changes.

PreK-4 is also opening (old news). Student selection began this week and will continue until all seats are filled.

All other grade levels will continue in their current models.

In-person Class Size Updates

DCPS released guidance about social distancing in classrooms that aligns to the recent CDC reduction from 6 to 3 feet. We are setting up classrooms, measuring, and reporting to Instructional Superintendent Stover to confirm the new, higher, class sizes. Messaging will go out next week with updated numbers.

Rock the Red and Spirit Week

Spring is here and it’s time to show our Panther Pride! To kick off our SPRING SPIRIT WEEK, the Peabody and Watkins students and staff (virtual and in person) will come together Friday, April 2nd at 8:45am for a two-school Rock the Red Morning Meeting.

Also show your #PantherPride by posting pictures of your class and students on social media. Tag @PeabodyWatkins on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #PantherPride!

Friday, April 2: 8:45 Rock the Red Two-School Morning Meeting

Monday April 5: Mix-Match Day

Tuesday, April 6: Sports Day

Thursday, April 8: Color Day (done by grade - see below)

Friday, April 9: Pajama Day

Colors for each grade:

PreK 3: pink

PreK 4: rainbow

K: blue

1st: purple

2nd: red

3rd: orange

4th: yellow

5th: green

Books and Belonging with Berkowitz Celebrity Alert!

To continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (March 31) and Mayor Muriel Bowser (April 7) will join our class. Students will hear about their journey to influence change and the obstacles they faced along the way. Please join us 11:30 every Wednesday.

LSAT Change of Date for April

The April LSAT meeting will be held on April 7, on a Wednesday, not Tuesday. We will share our summer acceleration plans, at a high level and provide any updates that we can to in-person learning.

Kindred Updates

Surf over to our Equity and Inclusion tab to check out the latest.



Peabody Earth Super Saver Art Project At Peabody

In these weeks leading up to Earth Day, we are learning in library, art and some homeroom classes about being Earth Super Savers every day! As an optional at-home activity, we are inviting students to create a picture or sculpture that shows how they like to be an Earth Super Saver. They may use any materials for their art creation, including recyclables such as newspaper or cardboard. These pictures will be used in a video montage created by Mr. Simmons to be shared with our Peabody community on Earth Day on April 22nd. Families should take a photo of the art project and upload it to the OneDrive folder by going to the link below. The deadline for photo submissions is Friday, April 2. Please upload still photos only and if the photo includes your child, please know that this video will be shared with Peabody families. Feel free to reach out to Ms. Bloom or Ms. Cushman or your homeroom teacher with any questions. Link to the Earth Day photo file

Youtube and Content Restrictions on DCPS-Issued Devices

We understand that several students that have DCPS devices have been unable to access some YouTube and teacher content that has been shared for asynchronous instruction. DCPS has blocked the usage of sites that may contain inappropriate content for our students. We do understand this can create difficulties and we are currently working to implement a plan to support the issue. We hope to have an update soon. Thank you for your continued patience and partnership!

Log Into Canvas Daily, Including Wednesday

Families should log into Canvas every day, including Wednesday to be marked present. It is very important to note that although live instruction does not take place on Wednesday, students still need to log-in. Daily log-in should take place between 6am and 11:59pm. If you miss a day or something prevents you from logging on, email our attendance team.



Submitting excuse notes: During virtual learning, all excuses notes should be emailed to our attendance teams. All DCPS legal excuse reasons remain the same as last school year.



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