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Staff Says it All Week

I needed a lift this week and once again, our staff came through. As you know, Wednesday’s asynchronous work was to read two chapters of White Food, Black Appetite and respond to a few prompts. My hunch is the asynchronous, writing only structure of the experience actually opened up even more communication and sharing among our staff. The exchanges between people on different teams about topics within and beyond the texts were just fantastic. I’m going to share a few here and we all can make your own connections to equity, purpose, joy, empathy, perseverance.

One would be that my voice is important, another would be that I share and speak from my experience, and blackness is not less or in need of additional qualification.

I've also been thinking about assimilation and how so many of us have fallen into the trap of assimilationist thinking, how powerful deeply rooted it is in our history and culture.

White teachers focusing on their good "intentions" can be so harmful because it takes any responsibility off of the actual "impact" of their actions on their students. Our actions will only match good "intentions" when we are constantly acknowledging our own white privilege and deconstructing our unconscious bias - which is something that won't be accomplished through a couple trainings or conversations. It has to be work that white teachers commit to working on every day.

Regarding our history, a staff member's comment: It is appalling that race and culture was stripped and it is important that the correct information is shared to the youth and others.

I started to become aware of not only the gaps in my education but how a lot of “common knowledge” questions that I did not know the answers to were centered around European / White American history.

As educators, it is our jobs to create a community and space that allows all student voices to be heard. Every student has a voice, every student has experiences and every student has something to share that we can all learn from.

However, after years of reading complex texts, earning multiple degrees, and educating thousands of children in public schools, I still don't have total "access" to the table.



A Look Forward: Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Nov. 9: Term 2 Begins

  • Wednesday, Nov. 11: Veteran's Day- No school for students

  • Tuesday, Nov. 17: Term 1 Report Cards Mailed (for K-5 Students whose parent/ guardian has not opted into the ASPEN Parent Portal. More info below.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 25- Friday, Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Break- No school for students

CARES Classes: Staff and Student Selections

Please visit the DCPS reopen strong website for information on the CARES Classes.. Note that staffing has not been confirmed, but students who remain virtual will maintain the same teacher.

Term 2 Schedule Changes

All components of the schedule should be going into effect on Monday, Nov 9. Printable versions of the schedule can be found on our school’s website.

ASPEN Parent Portal for K-5 Students & Report Card Mailing

Reminder that this month, DCPS is launching the Parent Portal feature in Aspen. Starting with Term 1, the Portal allows for parents/ guardians to view student attendance and receive published report cards.  

Term 1 report cards are scheduled to be mailed on Tues. Nov. 17th.  Parents/ guardians who have opted into the Portal will not receive a physical report in the mail, but will receive instructions for how to view your child’s report card electronically. Please be on the lookout for a welcoming email from Aspen that will include user guides and video links to access your account. 



Log Into Canvas Daily, Including Wednesday

Families should log into Canvas every day, including Wednesday to be marked present. It is very important to note that although live instruction does not take place on Wednesday, students still need to log-in. Daily log-in should take place between 6am and 11:59pm. If you miss a day or something prevents you from logging on, email our attendance team.



Submitting excuse notes: During virtual learning, all excuses notes should be emailed to our attendance teams. All DCPS legal excuse reasons remain the same as last school year.



Immunizations and Required Health Forms

All students must be up to date on their immunizations before returning to in person learning. Follow these three steps to guarantee that your child is ready and see the below flier for more information:

  • Schedule your child's annual wellness visit

  • Make sure your child has received all of their immunizations

  • Submit immunization documents to your child's enrollment/ attendance team

Community Questions and Answers: Please continue to submit questions using this form.

Overall updates can be found on this part of our website. You can keep up to date on the great progress of our Operations Team on our Instagram page. Shout out to our amazing Custodial Teams who are working so hard to prepare our building.


Community Messages

Click on the following to link to our website pages for updates on the following community groups:

Parent Teacher Association

Race, Class, and Equity Group

Local School Advisory Team (LSAT)

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