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Summer Mailer Preview

Happy Friday Panther families!

Below you will find the academic schedules for our all-virtual first term. As you dig into the details of what I’m sure dramatically impacts your family life, please keep in mind that every parent is facing challenges and anxiety right now.  It’s OK to remind yourself that you are making the best of the situation.  It’s OK to take a breath, take a moment to yourself, and enjoy extra-long hug with your loved ones. 

We believe we’ve created an equity-minded schedule by collaborating with all stakeholders, focusing on access to learning, and preserving, as best we could, the time to achieve the academic excellence Peabody and Watkins students and families expect and deserve.  Our schedule is an expression of the core values I presented in my 90-day Entry Plan.  It is the product of multiple rounds of feedback starting with our Specialized Instructional Support team members from Cluster IV, our instructional coaches at both campuses, grade level leaders, special education teachers, instructional Superintendent Stover and a cross-section of parents. Each group provided important insights that improved our schedule.  Through these voices, we were able to put forward a schedule that provides consistency while also flexibility and opportunity for all students to excel in our first term of virtual learning.

Our schedule was designed on three principles:

Consistency - Establishes a school-wide, consistent, daily instructional schedule for all students, families, and teachers. Synchronous (live) instruction is consistent on a fixed schedule.

Flexibility - Allows flexibility for students and families to engage in asynchronous learning. Attendance for synchronous learning will not be required.

Opportunity - Provides opportunities for small group instruction for all students, as well allows special education teachers and service providers to support students throughout the day.

All the typical Summer Mailer information was sent in the mail this morning, including teacher assignments.  Please note that whole class lists are not furnished in the mailer nor are they on the website due to student privacy concerns.  There are several documents to read through posted under the Distance Learning tab of our website Some of the important documents are on our website now, such as:

  • The academic schedules.

  • Answers to family questions from our August 6 Listening Session and online ReOpen Strong form.

  • Supply lists

  • Technology recommendations from DCPS

  • And much, much more.

I am so proud of where Peabody and Watkins are in this moment.  We certainly aren’t perfect, but I am so impressed with our leadership team and our front office teams.  Mr. Boisvert, Ms. Hollis, and Ms. Montgomery are thinking creatively and impressing me every day.  Ms. Caraway, Ms. Brock, Ms. Roy, and Ms. Turner all came together (safely - 6 feet apart and masked) to complete the summer mailer by the deadline I imposed.  I am so grateful for their level of teamwork and commitment to our students and families.  Thank you team!

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