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The Capitol Hill Classic (a tradition unlike any other) is coming up fast on May 21. 

What is the Capitol Hill Classic?

The Capitol Hill Classic (sponsored by National Capital Bank) is Washington, DC’s largest and oldest 10K race and a major fundraiser for the Cluster - Peabody, Watkins, and Stuart-Hobson. Younger entrants can participate in a 3K, and our youngest participants run a "Fun Run" around Peabody. All the information you need about the race can be found here.


Who does it benefit?

All net proceeds from registration and sponsorships go to the Capitol Hill Cluster School! It is generally our biggest fundraiser of the year and a vital source of support for our campuses. 


Who participates in the race(s)?

Anybody! Everybody! The race is not just for the Cluster community. People from all over DC and beyond register and run. Heck, some 10-year old from New Jersey set a world record a couple years ago. So, if you have runners in your life, have them register knowing they're supporting your kids' school! 


What does it cost to participate?

It costs $45 to enter the 10K, $38 for the 3K and $12 for the Fun Run. BUT CLUSTER STUDENTS CAN EARN A FREE REGISTRATION. Any Cluster student who raises $50 through the Pledge Drive will receive a free race registration (more on that below). So before you register your Panther, see if they can raise $50!


Scholarships are also available to ensure all students who want to run can. Contact Ms. James ( at Peabody, Ms. Roy ( at Watkins, and Ms. Hargrove ( and Ms. Smith ( at Stuart-Hobson, or us for more info. 


What is the Classic Pledge Drive? 

The Classic gives our Panthers - students at Peabody, Watkins and Stuart-Hobson - the opportunity to help support our school by earning pledges from friends, family, neighbors, or complete strangers for all we care. 


Who can participate in the Pledge Drive?

All Cluster Panthers - Peabody, Watkins, Stuart-Hobson - have a personal pledge page that you can customize. Access to these pages will be emailed to you this week. You can also visit and enter your child's or children's name(s). Access will then be emailed to you. Customize the page and email the link to your friends, family and network and/or post it on social media. To help encourage donations, I suggest posting pics of your children or even create a video. Here's one my crew did last year. 


What do the winners get? 

This year's “Share Your Panther Pride" Pledge Drive is a lottery! Any Panther student who raise pledges from at least five different people is entered into a lottery to win prizes in the week leading up to the Classic. The more people from whom you raise pledges, the higher your chances to win! Repeat: For the lottery, it's not about how much you raise (although feel free to raise a lot!), it's about the number of people from whom you raise. 

What if I have more questions?

For questions about the races, email the Classic Race Team at For questions about the Pledge Drive, email Zach Lowe (

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