PRE-K to Graduation: A Policy Guide to Families

DCPS policy on attendance, discipline, grading and promotion, and graduation. Download here.

Cluster attendance policy

Enrollment FAQs

The Capitol Hill Cluster School urges all families to officially enroll as early as possible to ensure accurate space, class size, and budget projections. This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about enrollment. Download here

Medication Forms

If your student needs medication during school hours, or has a condition that requires medication to be available, such as a food allergy, please complete the appropriate DCPS forms below. All forms must be submitted to the school nurse. In addition, all necessary medical equipment or medication (with proper labels from the pharmacy) should also be submitted to the school nurse. The school nurse will then work with you to make sure your student’s needs are appropriately met.

Medication and Field Trips

The school will make sure staff members who have been certified to administer medication accompany your student on field trips and during school-sponsored extracurricular activities unless you choose to accompany your student yourself. DCPS policy requires parents to provide an extra dose of medication to be brought on the field trip on the day of the trip. Download the DCPS field trip policy.

PTA Bylaws

The rules of the road for the Cluster PTA. Download them here.

Comprehensive School Plans

Download Stuart-Hobson plan here.

Download Waktins/Peabody plan here.

Grieving & Loss

  • Coping with grief activities (doc)

  • Helping children cope with loss,
    death, and grief - National Association of School Psychologists (PDF)

  • Grief during COVID (PDF)

  • When loss hits close to home (PPT)

School Health Profiles

Download here