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Social Workers, School Psychologists, School Counselors and our community mental health partners provide supportive services to students who need assistance for any reason, from overcoming academic challenges to handling life-altering events.


There is an access guide that shares information about the services offered such as:


  • providing therapeutic intervention to help students cope with stress and trauma;

  • leading small-group sessions to support students with relationship building;

  • providing substance abuse prevention and intervention;

  • providing strategies and skills to help students improve their focus and concentration;

  • linking students to practical resources to help families gain access to food, clothing, and transportation;

  • completing comprehensive assessments to help school teams make data-informed decisions


To help you get the necessary support, the DCPS School Mental Health Team has developed a universal referral process. This process allows you to access all mental health and counseling supports in your school by completing one form. There is a form for adults who are referring students for services and a different form for students who are requesting services for themselves. Fill out the appropriate form and share it with your School Behavior Health Coordinator, who is available to meet with you to discuss your concerns and provide information on consent and other pre-service information.


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